Frequently Asked Questions

Accountability is the defining word for our client service. We define “accountability” as:

  1. Returning phone calls and emails by end of business day.
  2. Meeting all deadlines.

In the end however, whether we were accountable is in the eyes of the client, thus we focus intently on the customer’s expectations so that we are knowledgable about what they need from us and can properly plan for how to provide it.

For more detail, please see our C3 page where we provide more detail on our client service model and analysis framework.

For many clients we can provide pricing and coverage same day.

However, this may not be our BEST available pricing or coverage. We ask, whenever possible, that clients allow us 7-10 business days to ensure we have obtained the right set of coverages at the lowest price, tailored for the specific project or business. We regularly and successfully accommodate emergency/urgent needs for clients (see our Stories page), but we hope to be one of your first calls, an early partner, as you develop your projects or start your business. In fact, many of our clients obtain insurance quotes from us months or years before their vision becomes a reality.

Don’t hesitate to call today, whether your project or company is still just a glimmer in your eye or a few hours away.

Neil | Benton has it’s headquarters in sunny Tucson, Arizona, but we maintain associates in several other states (notably Utah, California, Indiana and North Carolina) to handle business capacities such as underwriting, systems administration and accounting. Our distributed, online-first, responsive business structure allows us to effectively work with clients all around the globe, including most states in the U.S. and recent international projects in Guatemala, Africa, France and Singapore.
Our firm began as a general brokerage in 2005 covering personal home and auto, commercial property and casualty, life, health and disability coverages. Taylor came out of 10 years working in banking and finance to open up a new division for a local CPA firm, adding insurance and business service offerings to the existing suite of tax, payroll and other accounting products.

During the first year he received a call from a high school friend who was running a small independent production company. He said, “Taylor, I think I’m getting [taken to the cleaners] by this insurance agency… Can you look into into it?” Taylor researched the situation, put together the market and underwriting resources needed for this type of specialty program, and was able to go back to his friend and confirm that, yes indeed, he had been [taken to the cleaners]. That policy was booked, but in the heat of starting a new agency and being pulled in many different directions, the production program was put in a drawer for a few months. Then in 2006, Taylor was invited to a local mixer for the Arizona Production Association. Arriving at the event, his friend and first production client, called out, “Hey guys, this is the INSURANCE agent I’ve been telling you about!” Taylor was overwhelmed by the number of introductions and business cards received that evening, and was left with a distinct impression of an unmet market need.

Over the next several years the firm purposefully and steadily grew this production insurance and risk management niche.

In 2012, Neil | Benton Arts & Entertainment was split off from the existing firm as a stand alone company focused exclusively on production clientele. Rachel joined as a co-founder at this time, bringing with her over 15 years of experience in finance, banking, lending, underwriting, insurance and investment solutions, and client portfolio relationship management. Coming out of middle management, Rachel was looking forward to once again servicing clients directly and having more interesting stories for what was accomplished in a day’s work than saving someone 1% on their mortgage rate or successfully hitting a sales quota… Suffice it to say, dealing with stunt underwriting for “glacier surfing“, or claims adjustment after a falcon knocks a drone out of the sky, is far more fun… Together, Taylor and Rachel wanted to help create opportunities that enabled production professionals to do the work they love, by helping handle some of the not-so-sexy administrative and insurance stuff that often gets put on the back burner. They wanted to combine their financial skill-sets and customer service experience to focus on the industries they admire and support.

Since then, the company has grown tremendously, adding new clients, carriers, associates and service offerings. While we now handle large clients with multi-million dollar annual budgets and complex risk management needs, we still maintain the importance of having a bottom-up, grow-with-the-client approach. That is why we offer free training and educational opportunities as a core service, and why we place such importance on assisting young, emerging production entrepreneurs. Whether film, television, online, event or support services, we are fans of our clients and run a business where we only succeed if our clients succeed.

It’s been a great run so far, and we hope you will consider letting us be a small, but important part of your success in the future.

Sorry to disappoint… Neil Benton isn’t a person.

Neil and Benton are actually the middle names of our two owners, Rachel and Taylor. The name and logo are intended to signify the important combination of the artistic and business elements of our work and clientele. In fact, the name began with a discussion of how we could incorporate Rachel’s signature into a design. You can see her personal “font” inside the purple disc of our logo.


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